Non pet friendly with decking caravan availability & prices 

A £50 returnable bond, that is returned if there is no damage books the break. This bond can be paid via paypal, cheque or bank transfer.   

No passes are included, they can be purchased online before and activities can be booked in advance or they can be purchased on arrival at Haven.  

​Duvets and pillows are provided, bedding can also be supplied at the cost of £12 per double and £6 per single. The non dog friendly with decking has 3 bedrooms and a bed settee, sleeping max 8 people. Prices quoted are for 6 people, please add an extra £25 per short break and £50 for a week for one extra person or £50 per short break and £100 per week for an extra two people.

The caravan is strictly pet and smoke/vape free. If there are any signs of smoking/vaping or of pets being in the caravan the £50 bond will be retained for extra cleaning costs. 

The cost of the break can be paid via cheque, bank transfer or paypal friends and family (to save on fees). 

We can do Mon - Mon, Fri - Fri, Fri - Mon or Mon - Fri , please just ask. 


Friday 10th May - Monday 13th May 2024: BOOKED TO LEANNE
Monday 13th May - Friday 17th May 2024: BOOKED TO MARK

Friday 17th May - Monday 20th May 2024: £130

Monday 20th May - Friday 24th May 2024: £145
Friday 24th May - Monday 27th May 2024: BOOKED TO DEBBIE
​Monday 27th May - Friday 31st May 2024: BOOKED TO JEMMA
Friday 31st May - Monday 3rd June 2024: BOOKED TO AARON
Monday 3rd June - Friday 7th June 2024: £150

Friday 7th June - Monday 10th June 2024: £175

Monday 10th June - Friday 14th June 2024: £150

Friday 14th June - Monday 17th June 2024: BOOKED TO AMANDA

Monday 17th June - Friday 21st June 2024: £150

Friday 21st June - Monday 24th June 2024: £175

Monday 24th June - Friday 28th June 2024: £150

​Friday 28th June - Monday 1st July 2024: BOOKED TO PAUL 
Monday 1st July - Friday 5th July 2024: £250
Friday 5th July - Monday 8th July 2024: £250
Monday 8th July - Friday 12th July 2024: £250
Friday 12th July - Monday 15th July 2024: £250
Monday 15th July - Friday 19th July 2024: £250
Friday 19th July - Monday 22nd July 2024: BOOKED TO LOUISE
Monday 22nd July - Friday 26th July 2024: £450
Friday 26th July - Friday 2nd August 2024: £750
Friday 2nd August - Monday 5th August 2024: £400
Monday 5th August - Monday 12th August 2024: BOOKED TO SARA
Monday 12th August - Friday 16th August 2024: £475
Friday 16th August - Monday 19th August 2024: £400
Monday 19th August - Friday 23rd August 2024: BOOKED TO KAREN
Friday 23rd August - Monday 26th August 2024: BOOKED TO AMANDA
Monday 26th August - Friday 30th August 2024: £475
Friday 30th August - Monday 2nd September 2024: £400
Monday 2nd September - Friday 6th September 2024: £400
Friday 6th September - Monday 9th September 2024: £200
Monday 9th September - Friday 13th September 2024: £200
Friday 13th September - Monday 16th September 2024: £200
Monday 16th September - Friday 20th September 2024: £175
Friday 20th September - Monday 23rd September 2024: £175
Monday 23rd September - Friday 27th September 2024: £175
Friday 27th September - Monday 30th September 2024: £175
Monday 30th September - Friday 4th October 2024: £175
Friday 4th October - Monday 7th October 2024: £175
Monday 7th October - Friday 11th October 2024: £175
Friday 11th October - Monday 14th October 2024: £175
Monday 14th October - Friday 18th October 2024: £175
Friday 18th October - Monday 21st October 2024: £200
Monday 21st October - Friday 25th October 2024: £275
Friday 25th October  - Monday 28th October 2024: £275
Monday 28th October - Friday 1st November 2024: £300
​Friday 1st November - Monday 4th November 2024: £200

To secure your break please pay the relevant bond via the buy now button, where you can pay securely by card or paypal. Alternatively please contact us to pay via bank transfer. Please note if using paypal, the bond can be paid via goods and services, however payment for the break is only taken via friends and family due to the fees. 


Friday 8th March - Monday 11th March 
Monday 11th March - Friday 15th March 
Friday 15th March - Monday 18th March 
Monday 18th March - Friday 22nd March 
Friday 22nd March - Sunday 24th March 
Sunday 24th March - Monday 1st April 
Friday 29th March - Monday 1st April 
Monday 1st April - Friday 5th April 
Saturday 6th April - Monday 8th April 
Monday 8th April - Friday 12th April 
Friday 12th April - Monday 15th April 
Monday 15th April - Friday 19th April 
Friday 19th April - Monday 22nd April 
Monday 22nd April - Monday 29th April 
Monday 29th April - Friday 3rd May 
Friday 3rd May - Monday 6th May 
Monday 6th May - Friday 10th May 

Friday 10th May - Monday 13th May 
Monday 13th May - Friday 24th May 
Friday 24th May - Monday 27th May 
​Monday 27th May - Friday 31st May 
Friday 31st May - Monday 3rd June 
Monday 3rd June - Friday 7th June 
Friday 7th June - Monday 10th June 
Monday 10th June - Friday 14th June 
Friday 14th June - Monday 17th June 
Monday 17th June - Friday 21st June 
Friday 21st June - Monday 24th June 
Monday 24th June - Friday 28th June 


Please provide your name and email address so we can reply to your message. The details that you provide will only be used to reply and will not be used for any other purposes nor will they be passed to any other companies. 

You do not have to tell us your name or email but we will not be able to reply without it. In that case please do not hesitate to contact the number below. 


07941394411 or 07906572647

or email 

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